Wooden Dining Tables lend Classic Elegance to Your Home


The dinner table is an integral part of most homes. The dining table, in most homes, is the place where family and friends come together not just for meals but also for special celebrations and occasions. This piece of furniture is usually the centre-point of meaningful conversations and friendly banter. The dining table is indeed a part of many memories.
The dining area is a beautiful part of the home when it is well-ventilated and aesthetically furnished. And, wooden dining tables lend a classic and timeless elegance to the dining area.

How to choose a suitable table for your dining space?

The dining table is that part of the house furniture which lasts the longest. Most of us tend to go with wooden tables and chairs, because they look classy and durable. These furniture pieces are solid and sizeable, and they don’t come cheap. So, it is important to select a table which not only lasts longer, but also, works best for your other requirements.

When you choose a dining table for your home, keep in mind the following pointers:

The size of the room
The shape of the room and
Your budget.
The other factors to be considered when choosing a suitable dining table are:

Since this furniture piece/s will be put to maximum use, go for a sturdy wood table, which stands the test of time.
Depending on the shape of your dining table and the look of your room, you can always retain the wood table -top or arrange for a solid-glass top which comes in different tints.

Make the seating arrangement more versatile, colourful and cosy, if you want to give a modern look, or go in for decorative wooden chairs which seamlessly blend with the table giving a classy look to the entire room.
Don’t let the choice of a good wooden table become daunting to you. There are so many options, when it comes to wooden tables. These tables now come in different sizes, shapes, and materials and lend different looks, classic or contemporary, to your dining space based on their designing and textures.
Rooms with different shapes and sizes may require different shaped dining tables. Let us look at different dining tables shapes on www.danetti.com/living-furniture/coffee-tables and what they are best suited for.

The rectangle table:

The rectangular table is a classic and traditional choice for people whose dining areas are long and narrow. The rectangular-shaped table comes in several sizes and you can always choose one that fits your dining space comfortably.
The traditional rectangle table, however, looks very formal rather than cosy and personal. But a rectangle table can accommodate a crowd. This type of a wooden table may look too impersonal; however, it has an advantage in that it can be accommodated easily into any regular shaped room without dominating the entire area. If your space is best suited for this shape table, you can always personalise it to make it look more inviting, intimate and pleasing to the eye.

The square table:

The square-shaped table is more of a contemporary choice. This table comes in different sizes, looks cosy and convenient, because it can blend easily into a room without dominating the entire space.
The square wooden table with contemporary and customised chairs and a beautiful centre-piece, lend a great look to the room.

The oval-shaped table:

The ova-shaped table looks beautiful and impressive. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a decorative piece of furniture to adorn your dining space. The oval-shaped table may not be the best choice for smaller spaces, but their curved edges help in easy navigation around the dining area. These tend to dominate the room, but, they can be made to look better and spacious with pedestal table legs.
Curvy chairs, without any sharp angles, which seamlessly blend into the table lends a great look to the room.

The round table:

The round-shaped table looks cosy and intimate. But, it tends to occupy a lot of space. If you have a big but compact dining area, then the round wooden table is a great choice. The seating arrangement in a round table is more flexible than the other tables. It is important to know here that round wooden tables look visually dominating. So, simple changes like contemporary chairs and a glass table-top can give these tables a more roomy and minimalist modern look to the room.


Choose a table that is versatile and can work in most types of rooms. Since, a wooden dining table is a pricey investment, do your homework and choose a table that fits most of your criteria.