Fine Bamboo Chairs deals in wooden furniture, primarily tables and chairs to suit every need and occasion. We deal in unique wooden furniture that elevates the aesthetic beauty of any room. We offer our signature products, wooden tables, and chairs, in different sizes and shapes. The versatility of our products is such that they can lend a contemporary, traditional, luxurious and a minimalist look as per your choice and outlook. We have an ideal blend of craftsmanship and business acumen, which reflects in our products which are aesthetic, utilitarian, and suitably-priced.

We deal in different types of wood, both hardwood and softwood. Our primary choice however has remained teak, mango, sheesham, mahogany, cherry, walnut, rubber, and dark wood. These wood materials come in different colours and they are hand-crafted to perfect, elegant designs.

You can shop for the best-quality wooden tables, chairs and a few other furniture like beds and bedside tables, cupboards etc., at great prices in our flagship store and online store. Our store and website have been designed to help you browse through different pieces of wooden furniture, tables and chairs and arrive at an appropriate wood creation with a design, shape, size, and budget that is best-suited for your tastes and needs and lasts the test of time.

If you are looking for redesigning your furniture, our expert group of carpenters and technicians are only more than happy to help you with valuable inputs. Our flagship stores are great places to shop around for wooden furniture that are utilitarian and beautiful.

Our Fine Bamboo Chairs online store is the best place to browse for new designs and products at great deals and discounts. When you purchase from our online stores or flagship store, our skilled technicians undertake the delivery and installation of our products so that our customers are ensured of a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience with us. We also undertake repairs and maintenance of our products in specified geographical locations.